I was in an inpatient from 18 November for 19 days with depression and anxiety. As a 49 year old man I understand the direct relationship with physical activity / fitness and mental health and during 2019 I became more active to help manage depression. Of course time got in the way of doing as much as I should and one of the things I was keen to do at The Priory was use the significant down time to be more physically active. It was disappointing therefore to see the lack of options open to inpatients (and indeed out / day patients who also have a lot of down time and who would be prepared to pay to activities). I was lucky that I bumped into Metro in the cafe one day and managed to arrange private tennis lessons at theNational Tennis Centre (and soon there were 4 inpatients having lessons from him) which then opened up the idea of doing circuit training and boxing. 

I really feel that a holistic and more structured  program managed by someone as enthusiastic as Metro is what The Priory needs and patients and staff would benefit from

The Priory Clinic


"Thanks Metro, I’ve learnt more in two sessions with you than in any other tennis coaching I’ve done in thirty years”

Rob Chapmen

Client Since 2019 SLTC

“Metro is an amazing tennis coach! He brings fun and focus to the court every time.  Our son has hugely benefited from his skills and expertise and he will always tell us what in particular he has learned in any lesson.  Metro sets clear goals, always motivating.  He promotes great sportsmanship and will always encourage taking tennis to the next level”

Karen Naples

Client since 2011 BOE,NTC,SLTC

“My children have been coached by Metro for almost a decade. He has enabled both my son and daughter to realise their tennis potential with his encouraging, fun and skilfull coaching. As a result they have remained committed and are still enjoying tennis lessons with good friends that they have made over the years. Metro has a wealth of coaching experience and has a great rapport with the kids”

Rachel Williams

Client since 2009 BOE, NTC, SLTC

“Metro is a very professional and highly skilled tennis Pro full of life and energy he is highly inspirational and motivational.He achieved a great success as a tennis coach through his coaching years producing some word class tennis players. As well as an amazing likeable human being that he made of his self he’s caring, friendly helpful and very kind. I’m very thankful and grateful for Metros mentoring help on my coaching education.
He did great job ! Ever since I’ve continued developing and I’ve worked in very good places. Thanks Metro 🤗"

Mohammed Zine