Kemi Konstantinova

Length at MT:
February 2022

Schools and inclusive Programme Coordinator

Why you like the role/work you do: 

The best reason to be a teacher is that I want to have a positive, inspiring impact on pupi's lives.

MetroTennis and Sports gave me the opportunity to join a community of difference-makers, to work alongside a community of educators committed to making a difference, creating positive change and supporting enviroment for the coming generations. 

Role Models/leaders who have inspired you:

I get my inspiration from everyone who is compassionate, give hopes to others, selflessness and respectful. If I have to select one person as a leader who inspired me I would chose Mother Teresa.

Favourite Subject at School: P.E., Maths and Psychology

Favourite Sports Team: I like all teams equally well

Favourite Book & book character: I like reading a lot  and one of my hobbies is collecting fables and fairy tales from all over the World

Favourite Food: Baked Feta with Honey, Walnuts, and Thyme

Favourite Quote: You win, I win, We win!